Privacy policy for Alti Forvaltning and associate companies

Last updated: 06.09.2022


Alti Forvaltning and our associate companies care about your privacy and wish to protect the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your personal data. All personal data that are processed by Alti Forvaltning and associated companies, follow the current regulations regarding processing of personal data, including GDPR and the Data Protection Act, at all times.


This privacy policy lists detailed information regarding which personal data we collect, how the data is collected and what rights you have, should your personal data be registered in our system.


We comply with the current regulations set by the Data Protection Act and EUs General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), at all times.


This policy explains how we process personal data:

  • When we collect personal data.
  • How we use the data.
  • In what situations we share the data with a third party.
  • How we make sure that the data is processed and saved in a secure way.

The privacy policy covers the use of the services we offer, including sales, marketing, and effectuation of agreements.


Alti Forvaltning AS are involved in shopping centres and other property in all of Norway, from Tromsø to Mandal. Our main offices are situated in Surnadal in Møre og Romsdal, and we have departments in Arendal, Mandal, Trondheim, Oslo and Ålesund.


We also manage properties for other owners, in addition to what we own ourselves. Our philosophy is to manage professionally and rationally while at the same time working closely with the owners.


What is personal data?


Personal data is data and assessments that can be connected to one individual. This includes names, residence, phone number, email addresses, IP addresses or a combination of these, which makes is possible to state which person these data present.


How do we process personal data?


Alti Forvaltning AS process personal data for the following purposes:


Management of shopping centres


In order to manage our shopping centres, we need to process personal data associated with tenants, including names and contact information about the tenant, as well as names of the employees that are registered in our IT-systems. The reason for this, is to register daily revenue, as well at personal data that are processed as a part of our control measures, ie. guard services.


Property lease


When leasing commercial properties, we need to process personal data, including names and contact information about the tenant.


Selling and leasing housing


In order to negotiate and enter into an agreement regarding leasing or selling housing, we need to collect and process personal data, including names, contact information, national identification number, credit check (for lease), marital status etc.


Loyalty programs for shopping centres


Our shopping centres have loyalty programs where members receive offers and newsletters via email or text message. In order to fulfil this agreement, we need to process your name, address, phone number, email address, gender and date of birth. In addition, our members can choose to register their interests, number of children and the children’s age.




We offer free Wi-Fi in several of our shopping centres. If you want to use this service, we need to collect and process personal data, including your IP address, MAC address and phone number.


ALTiETT gift card


You can purchase gift cards on Alti’s website, for both private and business use. In order to offer this service, we collect the recipient’s name and phone number, in addition to the purchaser’s name and email address. When ordering through a company, we save the necessary data for invoicing and delivery.


APCOA Parkering


Alti Forvaltning collaborates with APCOA Parkering to offer parking services. In order to offer this service, we collect the following data at APCOA: Name, phone number, email address, registration number, payment information, purchase order and purchase log, photo of the vehicle, inquiries to customer services and recordings from CCTV.




We place ITV equipment on all our properties to prevent and uncover criminal offences. If a criminal offence takes place on one of our properties, we can share images or files with the police. Areas where we use ITV are labelled and have available information. The IT equipment is also used to count the number of people that visit our centres.


Who is responsible for processing personal data?


Alti Forvaltning AS decides how the personal data is processed and which means Alti Forvaltning and associated companies should use. We consider Alti Forvaltning AS to be responsible for the processing of the data that is processed by associated companies (see outline below). The privacy coordinator in Alti Forvaltning AS is responsible for the daily follow-up of our compliance with privacy regulations.


Why can we collect personal data about you?


Collection of personal data needs your consent


We collect personal data by using different forms that saves the documentation connected to your consent. Individual consent is always saved and documented in our systems


Collection of personal data based on agreements


We use personal data to fulfil the obligations connected to contracts and agreements with customers, partners and suppliers.


How long do we have access to your personal data?


We save your personal data as long as is necessary for the purpose we have collected them for, as long as this in accordance with current laws and regulations regarding containment of personal data.


What rights do you have to your personal data?


You have the following rights to your personal data:


  • The right to ask for a copy of the personal data registered in our systems.
  • The right to ask us to correct the personal data if they are incorrect or outdated.
  • The right to ask that the personal data is deleted when it is no longer necessary to contain them.
  • The right to withdraw your consent regarding our processing of your personal data at any time.
  • The right to ask us to transfer your personal data and, if possible, share the data. directly with another data controller, when relevant.
  • The right to ask that we stop processing the data when this is possible by law.
  • The right to oppose the processing of personal data if the processing is based on legitimate interest and/or direct marketing.

Can we share the personal data with anyone?


We can share the personal data with others, provided that this is done securely and in accordance with the strict regulations of the Data Protection Act. In no other circumstances do we sell or share data with a third party, without this being required by law.


Third party service suppliers working for us


We can send the data to our suppliers and other data controllers when they deliver services on our behalf. We negotiate data processor agreements with these suppliers.


Third party product suppliers we collaborate with


We have a close collaboration with different third parties which process data for us. These suppliers perform services for us, so that we can manage and produce our deliveries.


External data processors


We negotiate data processor agreements with suppliers that process personal data on our behalf. These agreements regulate how the data should be processed on behalf of Alti Forvaltning. We do this in order to execute the different business processes that are needed to operate out cooperation.


These computer processor agreements can be negotiated with suppliers or collaborators on different services and/or products that Alti Forvaltning deliver to customers/collaborators, as well as activities in marketing and sales.


All suppliers must comply with the requirements in the Data Protection Act and be in accordance with necessary security standards for data security.


Alti Forvaltning can give access to anonymised and accumulated data, but this is not in accordance with current regulations.


How do we save your personal data?


We process your personal data securely, in order to protect integrity, confidentiality and access. Alti Forvaltning are invested in measures to prevent accidental or illegal sharing, destruction of, or changes in your personal data. We have a continuous focus on IT safety and run risk assessments and standard compliance for such activities. We also assess necessary safety measures against risks connected to the processing of personal data. These regulations are also communicated to external data processors.


How can you ask Alti about your personal data?


If you have questions about the way we process your personal data, you can contact us via our email You can also contact the National Supervisory Authorities directly, if you feel that we do not give you sufficient or correct feedback. The National Supervisory Authorities in Norway is Datatilsynet,


Can this privacy policy be changed?


This policy can be subject to revision due to changed requirements or changes from Alti Forvaltning. The policy can be changed without notice. Se the updated date for the last revision on the top of this page.