Sustainability in Aurora Eiendom

Sustainability is major part of our business, and permeates all aspects of our operations. As part of the real estate business we find the potential of making real contributions towards the overarching goal of reduced climate emissions and preservation of nature and its resources. Developing our shopping centers focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, lower consumption of water and other resources, and reduction of waste is among the areas where we feel we can make a difference.

We are also aware of our impact on society and the people living in it, and we seek both inwards and outwards when addressing this matter. Our shopping centers play a vital role in the local communities they are a part of, and we wish to give a positive contribution back to the communities upon which our business rests, while making our shopping centers a safe, healthy and inviting destination. At the same time, we reach far beyond the boarders of the local communities through our supply chains. Conducting our business in a manner which always considers the well-being of the people we affected is always of major concern.

Aurora Eiendom Award

ESG reporting

In 2022, Aurora included a full set of quantitative ESG data as an integrated part of the annual report for the first time. The ESG report were set up in line with the standards for sustainability reporting set by EPRA (The European Real Estate Association), who each year conducts a survey of their members' ESG reporting.


In the survey of 2023, Aurora Eiendom was awarded a certificate of achieving gold level compliance with EPRA's standards for ESG reporting, while also receiving the Most Improved Award, being mentioned as one of three companies having made the most significant progress compared to 2022.

Key environmental figures
58 kWh/sqm
Building energy intensity
63.8 tCO2e
Emissions Scope 1
252.7 tCO2e
Emissions Scope 2
75 %
Recycled waste
0.25 m3/sqm
Water intensity


We have a goal of having all our shopping centers BREEAM In-Use certified at the level of Very Good or higher. As of today, we are very close to reaching our goal, as only two shopping centers await their certificate.


The results we have been able to achieve have surpassed our expectations, with two shopping centers achieving the highest marks of Outstanding. In addition we find three shopping centers in the second highest category, Excellent. The final two have achieved Very Good, in line with the ambition of the company.


Among our BREEAM In-Use certified shopping centers, we find Alti Buskerud. This shopping center achieved the highest marks of Outstanding after completing the certification process. In addition, the achieved score of 93.5 is as of the end of 2023, the highest BIU-score in the country, and the second highest the world. This amazing feat has been accomplished thanks to the continuous and meticulous work of the local management team, cooperating with the administration of Alti Forvaltning.

Sustainability Award 2023

Each year the Norwegian Shopping Center Association hands out the sustainability award to a shopping center which have made a significant effort and contribution to the work on sustainability. For 2023, this acknowledgement was awarded Alti Vinterbro, for its major contributions and efforts on multiple fronts.


The jury highlighted the shopping center's systematic approach to improve its environmental performance - a well established operational plan, low energy consumption, solar panels on the roof, and focus on biodiversity by implementing measures in order to retain native species.



In November 2023, the first solar panels on the roof of a Aurora shopping center was plugged in. Alti Vinterbro is supplied by 1 500 kWp of self generated, green energy, generating heating, cooling and ventilation in both the common areas and tenant areas.
Combined with at low energy consumption, the production of renewable energy from the solar panels over the course of a full year is expected to bring the shopping centers emissions in scope 2 down towards the zero target.
In September 2023, Alti Vinterbro became the first dementia-friendly shopping center in the country. The administration cooperated with Ås municipality, facilitating a three part course for the local management team, other employees and tenants. The course teaches the employees how to identify, act and help when meeting visitors suffering from dementia, making Alti Vinterbro a destination that feels safe and welcoming for all.



Alti Vinterbro achieved the highest marks when completing the BREEAM In-Use certification, reaching the level of Outstanding as one of only six buildings in Norway with this accomplishment. The BREEAM In-Use manual considers all aspects of sustainability when assessing the property, meaning Alti Vinterbro offers sustainable solutions in areas such as health and indoor climate, water consumption, biodiversity, pollution and transportation.

Sustainability in Alti

All shopping centers of Aurora are operated by Alti Forvaltning, and Aurora's goals and general approach towards sustainability is therefore closely intertwined with that of Alti.


Alti has a strong focus on sustainable real estate management, and includes elements of all three aspects of ESG in their management approach. 

Alti Logo RGB
Employees in Alti
pay rate women/men
3.9 %
absentee rate
9 %
25 %
new employees
42 %

Environmental Management

The designated environmental management group in Alti Forvaltning consists of Alti's sustainability Manager and selected company representatives. The group seeks to develop routines to systematically improve our work regarding energy monitoring and consumption, water consumption and waste management. The focus is on reducing the company’s gross total CO2 emissions.


The group ensures that the company’s procedures contribute to the use of renewable resources, responsible consumption and purchase, and sustainable operation of the properties we manage.


The environmental group focuses on different aspects of environmental management:

Energy management and monitoring
Waste management
Marketing strategies
Real estate management
Purchases and suppliers
Project management

Energy monitoring and digitalization of real estate management

Alti Forvaltning has started a process of standardization of the technical systems and equipment, and updating of outdated control systems. Our goal is to develop a standard for the whole portfolio of shopping centers, all of which will be monitored and managed from the company’s head office.


This plays a central role in optimizing energy consumption of our technical installations, hence reducing our total consumption of energy, and will also contribute to a better indoor climate at our centers.




Social Responsibility

In Aurora we are aware of our responsibility to conduct our business in a responsible manner, considering both the environment and the people we influence. Our shopping centers utilizes its position in its local community to exhibit our community engagement. Read more about our different measures in this regard in our annual report.

Transparency Act

On July 1st 2022, the Transparency Act entered into force. The purpose of the Act is to promote businesses' respect for basic human rights and working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services.
Aurora is concerned with making sure our suppliers and business partners acts responsibly towards basic human rights and decent working conditions. To this end we have established routines to ensure that regular risk assessments are carried out, and that our suppliers and business partners are followed up.
We are in the process of carrying out due diligence assessments of our own operations and our suppliers. The work is still in an early phase, but we will continue the ongoing work to minimize Aurora's actual and potential negative impact on human rights and decent working conditions.
In accordance with the rules of the Transparency Act, we will publish an annual account of the due diligence assessments.

We will follow up on specific requests regarding the Transparency Act and Aurora's handling of actual and potential negative consequences for basic human rights and decent working conditions. Any inquiries regarding these topics should be sent to