Sustainability in Aurora Eiendom and Alti Forvaltning

Aurora's work in this area aims to enhance the properties' sustainability, increase the company's attractiveness as a lessor and strengthen the centers as shopping destinations.

The work is mainly focused on around two aspects. First, environmental efficiency improvement of the properties, where our highest focus is given to conserving energy and reducing waste. Second, Alti uses its broad visibility in local communities, combined with our marketing channels, to inform our visitors about sustainable choices in products and services offered at the centers.

The property portfolio is managed by Alti Forvaltning AS, and Aurora's goals and general approach towards sustainability are therefore closely intertwined with that of the management company. 





Most of the property portfolio is classified BREEAM in-use Very Good. In addition, Jærhagen is Eco-lighthouse (“Miljøfyrtårn”) certified. The remaining properties are undergoing certification and expected to be certified at the end of 2022.

Environmental Management

Alti Forvaltning as a real estate management company has five focus areas with regards to HSE and internal control, one of which is environmental management.


The environmental management group consists of Alti´s Sustainability Manager and selected company representatives. The group seeks to develop routines to systematically improve our work with regards to the environment and energy monitoring. The focus is on reducing the company’s gross total CO2 emissions, and goals concerning reduced emissions will be embodied in the company’s norms. The group ensures that the company’s procedures contribute to the use of renewable resources, responsible consumption and purchase, and sustainable operation of the properties we manage.


The environmental group focuses on different aspects of environmental management:

Building knowledge and competence concerning sustainability
Energy management and active energy monitoring of our properties
Marketing strategies
Waste management
Real estate management
Purchases and suppliers
Project management

Energy monitoring and digitalization of real estate management

To meet the growing need of sustainable real estate management, we are focusing on speeding up the ongoing process of digitalization of our operations and migration to cloud based systems. Alti Forvaltning has started a process of standardization of the technical systems and equipment, and updating of outdated control systems.

Our goal is to develop a standard for the whole portfolio of shopping centers, all of which will be monitored and managed from the company’s head office.

Type of system and supplier were chosen at the end of 2020, and the first nine shopping centers are already up and running with the new operating standards. This plays a central role in optimizing energy consumption of our technical installations, hence reducing our total consumption of energy, and will also contribute to a better indoor climate at our centers.



Marketing strategies

In marketing, we possess a unique possibility to reach a very large audience, and we think of it as our responsibility to use this opportunity to spread information about the sustainable choices you can make as a consumer. We experience that an increasing number of tenants provide sustainable options as part of their product range, and Alti Forvaltning wants to contribute by allocating a significantly part of the visibility available in our marketing channels to these products.

Purchases and suppliers

Alti Forvaltning will seek to favor suppliers that in their specific markets focus on sustainability and offer sustainable products. The distance the purchased product or favor travels to our properties will also be taken into consideration, and Alti will strive to choose local suppliers in different categories where such offers exist, in order to contribute to the executive goal of reducing CO2 emissions.