IR Policy

Investor relations shall provide the public with timely, accurate and comprehensive information in order to make decisions related to the valuation and trade of the Aurora Eiendom share.


Aurora Eiendom will in its reporting to the market, and during contact with investors and analysts, observe the following principles:


• All price-sensitive information must be provided simultaneously to all market participants. Statements to the stock exchange and press releases will be distributed through Oslo Børs and to external recipients through external channels, as well as published on the Group's home page.


• To the extent possible, every publishing of new information will be made outside opening hours at the Oslo Stock Exchange.


• All financial information will be published in English, and after the publication it will be made available on Aurora Eiendom ´s website.


• Presentations used in meetings with individual investors shall not be materially different from those previously presented on the company´s home pages. Nor should individual investors be given verbal information that is not shared with the overall market.


• Aurora Eiendom will have internal policies in place to ensure that investors and analyst are given equal oral information, based on previously published material, during meetings and other direct contact.


• The CEO and the CFO are the only spokespersons who, on a regular basis, are approved for contact with investors and analysts. Aurora Eiendom may appoint other spokespersons during special activities like roadshows and capital market days.


• Aurora Eiendom will not guide the market on future performance or results.


• Aurora Eiendom will refrain from comment on any rumors or speculations related to financial performance or other price-sensitive developments.